Entry #5

Fever Dreams of Stigmataboy

2016-10-20 19:32:38 by houzatosis

It's been about six years since I've collectivly released a body of music consistent enough to function as an album, so recently I've decided to take care of two goals:

1: Continue where I left off with my musical path and release a second body of work that I can call finished

2: Finally launch a Bandcamp page and continue to release music in smaller to mid size releases

As a primarily visual artist, going back and forth between artistic and musical aspirations keeps instigating confusion in what is more important to me. In the last few months I have had the opportunity to become part of the midwestern DIY music scene and . However, I find it difficult to see any longer term goals to set in this environment and am feeling conflicted. This may just pass, but I aslo worry that it could hold me back


Anyway, here's

Fever Dreams of Stigmataboy




An interesting note about this release—I've begun utilizing more hardware for music production and while there is a fairly ecclectic mix of software and hardware, there are three tracks that are exclusively hardware and exhibit a bit more hermetic counterpoints to some of the more lush production of Renoise that I've learnt over the years.

Currently the album is pay what you want, so feel free to download and share.


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