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nearly zero bombed, but then heard dubmood. Good save, man

I really wish people would say "contemporary" or "post-modern" instead of just "modern" art.

Anyways, it's not that bad of an animation, the backgrounds were excellent.

Dunso responds:

Sorry, didn't really know exactly the name of it.

Touching. Touching everything

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I do enjoy this style of guitar playing very much. It makes me wish I could get my Squier fixed sooner. What kind of guitar are you using?

Acoustatic responds:

Thank you! I've been playing a standard strat for a few years now, and the amp I used for the recording (just placed a mic up to the amp, as I do for most all of my recordings :P) is a tiny little 15g Fender amp. If you enjoyed the style, I recommend you check out my other songs Cold Out, The Wisdom of Guru Nanak Dev, and especially Baby Birds :) Thanks for the feedback and for listening!

Very pleasant battle music. It's keeps a quick pace without sounding overly dramatic. Nice one!

bearskin responds:

Thanks for the review!

YES! Minimal tech in the house!! Maybe the kick has a little too much reverb, it cuts out the sound of the toms

killerhoofd responds:

thanks bro i will look into it

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This should be the next volcaloid. Sample Patrick Warburton's vocals

Fantastic painting. What's the best way to get that spattered look, though? I tried working with spray paint a couple years ago and tried going for that same effect

luxglassjaw responds:

it depends on the kind of paint; if you can take the nozzle off of the cap (some krylon brands), you can get a good directional spray splatter that way. for minimalism or precision, i spray into a bowl and just dip my fingers in and flick or drip it.
just play around til you get a texture that works; thats the fun part.


I like that you tilted the landscape, it makes a nice zig zag motion. And taking a closer look, I see you did a little crosshatching around the creature's eyes. Maybe a little more could be added in the middle ground.

Also, I'd hate to spam your page like this, but I'm still having trouble replying to your PM in regards to matching animation with beats.

you mean when mario bops up and down?

let me think...I drew him and converted him to a symbol. Then I went to edit symbol and added another blank keyframe in that timeline, drew in the new frame, and added/removed frames until it matched closely with the beat. Then I went back to the scene, put the animated symbol to a layer, set my audio to stream, and checked to see if it worked. You wanted to do this so you could tween a frame by frame character, right?

I'm not so good with flash so I hope this helps in some way

how far can you toss a microKORG across a room?

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